Change the world ?: Understanding the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century
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Change the world ?: Understanding the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century

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At the beginning of the 21st century, our species -Homo sapiens- appears more disconnected than ever from reality. Addicted to oil and digital technology, our societies are giving birth to more and more numerous and resource-intensive populations every day. Among them, a majority of people operate on a model of success exclusively based on money, power, recognition and immediate pleasure. At a time of unprecedented global upheaval, isn't it essential to remember where we came from and to understand how our world is changing? To realize the impact of its economic models and its exponential technological explosion? At the dawn of the impending ecological collapse, is it not urgent to become aware of all the major ecological challenges we will have to face in the coming decades? In this unreasonable and ethno-centric world that we have built, is it not essential to restore the rightful place of other animal species? And beyond animals in particular, don't we have a spiritual duty to respect all living things in general? Isn't it essential to admit that we are methodically destroying the planet and that we all have a moral responsibility to commit ourselves, each at our own level, to stop this destruction and try to preserve what can still be preserved? To do everything we can to offer a planet in good condition to future generations? Whether individually or collectively, isn't it crucial for us to return to the three main fundamentals of life which are Loving, Growing and Giving? Change the world? is an accessible book that offers a transversal vision of the current evolution of our planet and asks you a simple but essential question: More than ever, the world needs real and committed leaders. Will you answer the call?
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